Principle of Fuji School Corporation

The Education of Fuji School Corporation is based upon the spirit of Catholicism, and aims at the holistic growth of a person.
The word “Catholic” means universality, and it implies that Catholicism is the teaching for all people of any ethnicity, race, nation, or culture.
We, as an educational organization, seek for intellectual, spiritual and religious truth according to the various educational stages.
We make our efforts to rear women with full knowledge of their own feminine characteristics, intellect, and a warm and humble personality.
We also aim at building up the consciousness of awe and gratitude toward God, and of the mystery of the Love of God.

Mission Statement of Fuji School Corporation

Based upon the spirit of Catholicism, our goal is to bring up broad-minded women with knowledge and loving heart, and who are cultivated human beings with a world-wide vision.
Our education is based on the fundamental teaching of Christianity: All people are loved by God, and therefore, they are able to love others. We are created to love others, each of us being unique, precious and irreplaceable.
We do not force the faith of Christianity on our students, but through learning Christianity or religious events, we encourage them to be open to the Christian view of life. It is the backbone of their learning, and will support them throughout their lives.
The Christian belief that all people on earth are brothers and sisters in God will be essential to communicate with those who have different languages and values in the 21st century world.

Our Education at Kindergarten Level


The Mission of the Kindergartens of Fuji School Corporation is to bring up each child as the “image of God”, given with unique mission to achieve.
The period of infancy is the basis of growing human personality. Therefore, we especially stress the importance of spiritual growth together with the healthy growth of mind and body.
We help them to flower with their own possibilities, with harmonious growth of heart, mind and body. We give them assistance to build the important foundations as human beings for the next age.


Upon this mission we aim to assist the children to achieve the following goals:

  • To act with their own thinking, and to be responsible for their own acts
  • To grow in kindness, thankfulness, and service
  • To be sensitive toward beauty, and to be able to express their feelings
  • To be able to listen carefully to the others, and to express their own thinking verbally
  • To be persevering in challenges
  • To overcome their own selfishness

Religious Education

Religion is vital in our life, and faith is indivisible with life. The children will experience the Catholic view of life through many daily scenes in our kindergarten.
We hope that they will grow in the dignity as human beings before God, in harmony with neighbors, with ability to serve in the society.
As religious education we teach the children to pray and sing to God in their daily life in the kindergarten.