Message from the Chancellor


Sr. M. Margrit Nagata

Message from the Chancellor of Fuji School Corporation
The school corporation Fuji Gakuen began in Sapporo Fuji Girlls’ High School, a five-year school opened in 1925 by sisters who came to Japan from Germany in 1920 at the invitation of Bishop Wenseslaus Kinold.

Our education is based on the Catholic spirit and we engage in early childhood education, secondary education, and higher education, based on the human view that each person is a "loved being by God." Above secondary education, we offer girls’ education.

Fuji, which has served in education for more than 90 years, values ​​its history and tradition, while focusing on universal human education, and at the same time, conducts educational activities to meet the needs of the times.

We would like to live in the present toward the future, thinking about the dedicated efforts of those who grew the “Fuji” while struggling inside and outside the school from the foundation to the present.

We are determined to bring up intellectual women with “spirit of service for others”, warm hearts for those around them, and with open hearts for the people of the world in the 21st century.


The name of our schools “Fuji” means “wisteria”, whose hanging cluster of flowers symbolize “humility”, one of the three mottos of our school—“humility, fidelity, and purity”.