1920 The first three Sisters arrived in Sapporo, Japan, from Germany. They were Sr. M. Jeanne Berchmans Salomon, Sr. M. Xavera Lehme, and Sr. M. Candida von der Haar.
1925 Opening of the Fuji Girls’ High School (5-years)
1934 Opening of the Kindergarten in Otaru
1938 Opening of the Kindergarten in Sapporo
1947 Opening of the Fuji Women’s Technical College (3-years)
1948 According to a change in the School System of Japan, Fuji Girls’ High School was reestablished to Fuji Girls’ Junior High School and Senior High School (altogether 6-years).
1950 Fuji Women’s Technical College was reestablished to Fuji Women’s Junior College (2- years).
1952 Opening of Hakodate Fuji Kindergarten
1953 Opening of Asahikawa Fuji Girls’ High School
1955 Opening of Asahikawa Fuji Kidergarten and Aomori Fuji Kindergarten
1956 Opening of Kitami Fuji Girls’ High School
1961 Opening of Fuji Women’s College (4-years)
1962 Opening of Tomakomai Fuji Kindergarten
1965 Opening of Soka Fuji Kindergarten
1984 Completion of Fuji Seminar House in Hanakawa, Ishikari
1992 Opening of Hanakawa Campus of Fuji Women’s College
2000 Fuji Women’s Junior College was reestablished to be integrated to Fuji Women’s College.
2002 Opening of the Graduate School of Fuji Women’s University
2003 Completion of the Kinold Memorial House
2019 Transfer of Asahikawa Girls’ High-School and Kitami Girls’ High-School to the Hokkaido Catholic School Corporation
2020 Transfer of Asahikawa Kindergarten to the Hokkaido Catholic School Corporation