Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Hokkaido’s first Registered Dietitian Course with graduate training.

In our aging society, an appropriate diet from an early age is becoming increasingly important, as well as for geriatric health care.

So, a registered dietitian is increasingly important as a “Food Doctor”, responsible for health care through dietary management.

A registered dietitian is a member of a qualified profession with a high level of expertise, requiring national tests in the same way as physicians and pharmacists, and will be a highly demanded occupation in the future.

In addition, as a result of the development of new processed foods and the complexity of distribution and sales, there is a need for food experts who can think about the relationship to both human life and society.

The department of Food Science and Human Nutrition is the very first registered dietitian training course to be established in Hokkaido with a graduate school.

In this department, we aim to educate through studies about food and nutrition from the perspective of human life.

We provide an all-round education so that students have well-balanced learning across information based on the scientific reasons behind food and the human body, the psychology of eaters and the social environment of food.

This enables us to evaluate the dietetics of local communities and to provide an entire dietary regime specific to the maintenance and promotion of health, from infants to the elderly, and for the prevention of disease and the care of people with disease.

A registered dietitian can monitor health and nutrition issues in real-time with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of human life, and can sympathetically provide people with advice.

These are our graduates, and their workplaces are not only hospitals, schools, health centers and authorized facilities for providing meals, but also food processing, research fields and professional and amateur sports organizations.  

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