去る3月18日、学位記授与式とともに、2021年度 英語文化学科・卒業論文最優秀賞「リボリア賞」授与式及び各系・専修の代表論文の発表を行いました。

 "Responses to Apologies in Japanese and Americans "

   本論文は、日本人とアメリカ人の謝罪に対する返答の仕方にどのような違いがあるかをポライトネス理論に基づき論じたものである。謝罪に対してどのように返答するかは、良好な人間関係を維持していくのに重要であり、文化によっても異なると考えられる。本論文は日米の映画やドラマから関係を修復する返答(remedial response)を含む謝罪場面をそれぞれ20数カ所選び出し、返答の主なタイプを3つに分け、それぞれの割合を調べた。
以上のことから、本論文を 2021年度の最も優秀な論文に贈られるリボリア賞の授賞対象論文としてふさわしいものと判定した。

    This thesis investigates responses to apologies with a focus on the differences between Japanese and American speakers in terms of politeness. Responses to apologies are important for maintaining good relationships, and ways of responding differ cross-culturally. This thesis selected more than 20 apology scenarios including responses for repairing relationships (remedial responses) from Japanese and American movies and dramas. These were classified into main types of responses. Results showed that more than half of the responses from both Japanese and American conversations denied or mitigated the reason for the apology. Moreover, responses involving self-effacement (self-humbling strategies) appeared twice as often in Japanese conversation than in American conversations. On the other hand, responses displaying sympathy with the apologizer’s position (sympathizing Strategies) appeared about three times more often in American conversations than in Japanese conversations. The difference in the results for Japanese and American speakers suggest that Japanese have self-effacing characteristics whereas American speakers have other-enhancing characteristics.

 "A Study of William Faulkner: The Compson Family's Downfall and Caddy's Freedom in The Sound and the Fury "

  大塚論文は、アメリカのモダニズムと南部を代表する作家ウィリアム・フォークナー(William Faulkner)の代表作『響きと怒り』(The Sound and the Fury 1929)における、コンプソン家の没落を家族関係の点に注目して論じたものである。大塚論文は、アメリカ文学の代表作でも難解で知られる『響きと怒り』の細部を読み込みつつ、説得力ある解釈を提示している。また対象となる作品を丁寧に読み込み、先行研究を参照しつつ自らの解釈を提示しようとすることは、卒業研究において当たり前のようでいて実行することは難しいものであるが、大塚論文は真摯に作品と向かい合っている。その点においても後進の鑑となる力作であり、リボリア賞受賞にふさわしいものと判定する。

   This thesis discusses the various reasons for the downfall of the Compson family, a prominent family in the U.S. South, in William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury.  
The first chapter focuses on the South’s repressive ideology towards women, and examines the social downfall of the Compson family in terms of the relationship between the mother and her children. Although mother Caroline expects her daughter Caddy to behave in a way fit for a Southern Belle, Caddy does not obey her mother’s wishes. However, instead of Caroline, who does not function as a mother because she suffers from a neurosis, Caddy plays the role of a mother to her siblings despite her youth. Caroline, who is proud of her bloodline, tries to use Caddy’s marriage and Quentin’s entrance into Harvard University as an opportunity to restore the family's honor, but Caddy’s sexual misconduct, which results in Quentin’s suicide, dashes the mother’s dream. Caddy’s sexual depravity leads to the disintegration of the already dysfunctional Compson family.
The second chapter focuses on the religious aspect of the family’s downfall by relating it to the biblical context. The scene where Caddy climbs a tree on the night of her grandmother’s funeral is related to the myth of paradise lost in Genesis of the Old Testament. Caddy does this despite her father’s proscription, which is similar to Eve eating a fruit forbidden by God. Caddy's disobedience in this scene foreshadows her sexual depravity in the future. After she has her first sexual encounter, the brothers reject and lose their sexualized surrogate mother, and as a result the eldest son’s obsession with his sister’s virginity leads to his suicide. Thus, Caddy’s loss of virginity is the Original Sin that ruins the family. Quentin feels responsible for his sister's failure to protect her sexual purity and sacrifices himself in a Christ-like attempt to redeem her sin. However, it is ironic that the father sees through his false confession that he committed incest with his sister.
The third chapter focuses on Caddy's conflict with her family members and the significance of her leaving home. The sexually debauched Caddy deviates from the Southern norm of Southern Belle, is rejected by even her youngest brother Benji, and runs away from home because she has no place in the family. She has not followed adults’ orders since her childhood, and tries to see and do everything from her own perspective. Through challenging the ideal of the Southern Belle, she has found a new way to live as a new woman.
     In this novel, while the brothers and mother cling to old values and are left behind as remnants of the past, Caddy lives as a woman with new beliefs.
 (本論はWilliam FaulknerのThe Sound and the Furyにおいて南部名家Compson家が没落した理由を、家族という点について注目し論じた。
第一章では、女性に関する南部のイデオロギーに着目し、Compson家の社会的没落を母と子供たちとの関係から論じた。母CarolineはSouthern Belleのような振る舞いを娘Caddyに求めるが、彼女は全く従わない。しかしCaddyは、神経症のCarolineに代わり兄弟たちの母親としての役目を幼いながらにも果たす。自らの血筋に誇りを持つCarolineはCaddyの結婚と長男Quentinのハーヴァード大学進学を機に一族の名誉を回復しようとするが、Caddyの性的堕落とそれに起因するQuentinの自殺によってその夢はかなわなかった。Caddyの性的堕落は機能不全のCompson家を完全に崩壊させた。
第三章では、Caddyが家族と対立し、家を出たことの意味を考察した。性的に堕落し、南部女性の規範から外れたCaddyは末弟Benjiにさえ拒否され、Compson家のなかで居場所をなくし家出をする。また彼女の木登りを手伝ったVershも1928年現在では家を出ており、Compson家は新しい価値観を持った者たちが居る場所ではないことが暗示されている。Caddyは幼少期から大人の言うことに素直に従わず、自分の目で確かめようとする人物であった。Southern Belleの価値観に挑むことで、彼女は新しい女性として生きる道を得たのではないか。



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